Adventure Radio!
Bruce, K7BHB (in red) and Walt, K1WZ (in blue) took an FT-817 and a Versa-Tenna on an Adventure Radio Trip to the Rogue River Wilderness Trail last September. Walt worked 40 meter CW, and Bruce checked into the Oregon Emergency Net on SSB from Paradise Lodge.
The Versa-Tenna Story

Ever  notice  how  the  more superlative  the  name  of  an antenna (Super, Miracle, Magic, Wonder, etc.), the least likely it is to be effective? The “Miracle” of one example of these is that a 50” telescopic whip antenna will radiate at HF frequencies at all...

Versa-Tenna makes no claims beyond being thoughtfully designed, carefully built, and as the name implies, versatile in operation, purpose, and configuration.

The  design is  based  on one  of the  oldest  wire  antennas in use since the advent of radio; the end-fed wire, or Zepp as it is often called. More modern adaptations include a matching unit at the near end of the wire to transform the very high impedance present at the end of the wire to a value that nearly equals that of coaxial cable, thus allowing more practical installations that also help keep stray RF out of the shack.

Anyone can construct  a simple end-fed wire antenna by attaching a piece of wire to a 9:1 balun  transformer. However,  the design of the Versa-Tenna was optimized by carefully  evaluating six different balun  designs, used  with 12 plausible  radiator  lengths.  Antenna impedance  measurements  and EZNEC were  used to  arrive at  a combination that “plays well” on all bands from 3.5 MHz to 30 MHz with a tuner. The balun design, wire length, and coax cable length are all critical to ensuring that the complex impedances seen by the tuner are easily handled within its matching range. Versa-Tenna, with its specially designed balun, is easily matched by all commonly used antenna tuners, including the typical built-in tuners of most rigs.

There is  a bewildering  choice of  antennas and antenna systems for amateur radio use in  fixed station or  portable use. Two of my favorites were the jumping-off point for the design of the Versa-Tenna and its system  components. The Buddipole™ and the PAR EndFedz® antennas  are ingenious, beautifully designed and constructed, and are a great choice for  their intended  uses. I  own  and enjoy them both. My  design goal  for the Versa-Tenna was to replicate their best features, and overcome some of their limitations in certain uses. Thus, Versa-Tenna can be used for a fixed-station, permanent installation, requiring only one distant end support, operating on all bands, 80-10 meters with your existing tuner; or, operate all bands portable/emergency using our optional additions such as our field deployment kit. Adventure Radio, QRP, SOTA, etc. are enhanced with the optional companion Versa-Match Z-Match QRP tuner, lightweight coax, specialty pack, and combination walking stick - telescopic mast.

"Nothing Works Like A Wire"

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